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Price, Coleman Principal
Bell, William Assistant Principal

Anderson, Elaine Science
Boney, Jewania ELA/Foreign Language
Braswell, Samantha Resource
Bruce, Dorothy CTAE / Business
Callier, Janet Social Studies
Coley, Tamara CTAE / Business
Dowdell, Alnita MATH-- Foundations Of Algebra
Erra, Grace Mathematics/Department Chair
Ewing, Kevin Special Education
George, Fran Media Specialist
Hammond, William Technology/Career
Jack, Terrence JROTC
James, Andrea ELA/Foreign Language
Lawhorn, Mary Special Education
Liggin, Allison Coordinate Algebra & Foundations of Algebra
Mallineni, Vamsee Mathematics
McDowell, Lorrie Science
Sanders, Earthera Science
Slappey, Andre Health/Physical Education
Soliday, Mikel Health/P.E.
Studdard, Janet Spanish
Tedford, Cassandra Social Studies
Walker, John Special Education
Woodson, Sarinda Technology/Career/Department Chair

Allen, Barbara Parapro
Angry, Lakisha Support Staff
Brown, Deirdre Counselor
Garry, Christina Parapro
George, Fran Media Specialist
George, Fran Media Specialist
Gordon, Shannon Support Staff
Ingram, Porsha Parapro
Jackson, Delores Parapro
Jones, Beverly Front Office
Odom, Regina Support Staff
Roberts, Cassandra Front Office
Slappey, Sarah Nutriton Manager